z Internet of Things



What is IOT?

  • IOT stands for "Internet Of Things".IOT is nothing but extending the power of the internet beyond computers and smartphones to a whole range of other things, processes and environments.Those connected things are used to gather information and to send information back

  • Why IOT?

    1. Environmental Monitoring

    let us see an example: You surely noticed that while you surf the net and suddenly when you open your gmail you see some intersting thing which are near to your favorite. Or in facebook when you like page, on the right section similar content page will be appered. These are common and tangentable but image when we can monitor all embeded computing system to improve our life.Like we can monitor wild life habit and by this tracking prepare them their desire condition and prevent their extinction.

    2. Infrastructure Management

    Infrastructure Management is usefull for monitoring and tracking if there is any problem in urban or rural Infrastructure such as bridge , railway or etc to diminish and reduce risk of dangeour and any failure in strength would be tested and alarm as soon as possible to repair it.

    3. Building and Home Automation

    It is related to everything in home which have the potential to monitor and remote control such as air condition , security lock lightening, heating, ventilation, telephone system, tv to make a comfort , secure , with low energy consumption.

    4. Transport Systems

    Transport Systems makes regular city and environment without less employeer for police or station such as automatic configuration in traffic lights, smart parking , traffic camera to detect which road has heavy traffic and offer automatically less crowd road, or smart camera which fine driver in high speed.

    5. Industrial Applications

    Industrial Applications investigate the quality of product in order to realtime optimizing to have a good marketing such as who are most interested to which product and how this product can find marketing with which tiny changes.

    6. Medical and Healthcare Systems

    Healthcare Systems helps to improve patient state better by monitoring and controlling their heart rate or blood pressure or even for their diet. smart tablet which show us how much dows with which gradient can helps patient to get better.

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